Genesis Scrolls

Genesis Scrolls

The Genesis Scrolls initiative has been upgraded to be part of the Open Quill Foundation - go here to see the latest! The original page is still below.

Every epic tale needs an origin story.

Where did we come from? Why are we here? What is the nature of the “Adventures” we seek? What is our purpose? Who are we?

Introducing the Genesis Scrolls: Stories from the Genesis Era of the Lootverse

  • Spearheaded by the Genesis Project, with support from Realms and LootDAO and other Loot projects, this is the first cross-Lootverse initiative to create high-fidelity content and multimedia.
  • The outcome: a set of compelling stories, characters, lore and multimedia content that helps bring the Lootverse to life, and helps give “reference material” to creators and builders.
  • Through these stories, we will begin to discover clues and facts about the origin story of the Lootverse: What was the nature of the original societies of the Lootverse? Where did “Loot” come from? How did the Realms get aligned with Orders? What is the story that led to the formation of the first adventurers, the Genesis Adventurers? What is the nature of our adventures, now?

What is a “Genesis Scroll?

Multimedia content from the "Genesis Era" of Loot: stories, snippets, scraps, journals, books, poems and more — facts, fiction, myths, and legends.
  • This content came from the ancient days of Loot and has been passed down through generations, safeguarded and stashed away.
  • We’re just now beginning to discover this content in an ancient library in the Divine City.
  • We are not sure what’s fact and what’s fiction, but all we know is that we’ve found a cache of materials “from the Genesis Era.”
  • Through these compelling stories, we'll begin to discover the rich history of the Lootverse, and along the way, we'll find clues and information about the origin story of the Lootverse.
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