Adventure Time ($ATIME)

$ATIME is a resource (an ERC-20 utility token) to be used in the games ahead. In harmony with other Loot-inspired utility tokens like $LORDS that may be used as the currency of the Lootverse, $ATIME will be used to "manipulate time" in the quests ahead, and across the wider ecosystem.

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For those intrepid Travelers who have reached through time and learned to summon a Genesis Adventurer, this $ATIME can be claimed for free — 20,320 $ATIME tokens per Genesis Adventurer held in your wallet. Bottle the $ATIME up and keep it for safekeeping. There is a Quest that lies ahead, and $ATIME will be essential in the games, challenges and Quests for Adventurers to come... For others who hold Loot bags, mLoot, and more…stay tuned: there may be some $ATIME hidden in your items as well.

Utility: How Will Adventure Time Be Used?

Adventure Time is a resource that allows players to manipulate time across the Lootverse Use $ATIME to accelerate time, slow down time, transport through time, reach through time to bring back lost items, glimpse the future, travel to the past to learn some ancient knowledge...and anything we can all dream up.

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Things that players can use $ATIME for within the context of the Genesis Project:

  • $ATIME is the trading token for the Genesis Project. With $ATIME, players can reach through time and trade for Lost Mana, and manifest other things that require the ability to manipulate time.
In the FUTURE:
And Beyond

Mechanics of Adventure Time ($ATIME)