The Genesis Project is building bridges across the Lootverse, weaving together an infinitely-expansive yet still-cohesive universe. See below for our core dev roadmap + hints of what’s coming soon for Genesis Loot bags (i.e.Genesis Adventurers) across the Lootverse.

Chapter 1: Genesis Mana

☑️  Launch Loot Distillation Contract: Genesis Mana

☑️  Launch advanced trading tools with NFTx and the Mana Finder

☑️  Enhance the Mana Finder with Item Rankings, Character Classes and Greatness scores

Chapter 2: Genesis Adventurers

☑️  Launch

Contract: Genesis Loot

☑️  Visualize Genesis Adventurers on LootSwag

☑️  Analyze and trade Genesis Adventurers on

The Humble Traveler: Introducing the Transformation Station

☑️  Get a Genesis Adventurer ENS Name

☑️  Enhance the Genesis Adventurers contract with stats and levels

Chapter 3: Claim $ATIME

☑️  Launch $ATIME Contract

☑️  Ongoing: ATIME for Genesis Adventurers (perpetually available)

☑️  Season 1 of $ATIME: A Revelation in the Realms

Chapter 4: The Genesis Scrolls

☑️  Launch Genesis Scrolls steering committee

☑️  Release the first group of Genesis Scrolls!

Ecosystem Development

☑️  Integrate Genesis Loot / Genesis Adventurers as a core part of the Loot ecosystem

☑️  Visualize and analyze GAs on

☑️  Trade and analyze GAs on

☑️  Enter the Rift and earn XP with Genesis Adventurers

☑️  Mint special Rings for Loot using Genesis Adventurers

☑️  Mint Hyperloot with Genesis Adventurers

☑️  Mint Genesis Explorers (Loot Explorers) with Genesis Adventurers

☑️  Raid Crypts with Genesis Adventurers

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