The Genesis Project is building bridges across the Lootverse, weaving together an infinitely-expansive yet still-cohesive universe. See below for our core dev roadmap + hints of what’s coming soon for Genesis Loot bags (i.e.Genesis Adventurers) across the Lootverse.


Also see the Genesis Portal

Chapter 1: Genesis Mana

☑️  Launch Loot Distillation Contract: Genesis Mana

☑️  Launch advanced trading tools with NFTx and the Mana Finder

Enhance the Mana Finder with Item Rankings, Character Classes and Greatness scores
Integrate as a way to mechanism to reach out through the Mist to Mana holders

Chapter 2: Genesis Adventurers

☑️  Launch

Contract: Genesis Loot

☑️  Visualize Genesis Adventurers on LootSwag

☑️  Analyze and trade Genesis Adventurers on

The Humble Traveler: Introducing the Transformation Station

☑️  Get a Genesis Adventurer ENS Name

Enhance the Genesis Adventurers contract as a dynamic, living window into the Lootverse

Chapter 3: Claim $ATIME

☑️  Launch $ATIME Contract

☑️  Ongoing: ATIME for Genesis Adventurers (perpetually available)

☑️  Season 1 of $ATIME: A Revelation in the Realms

Season 2 of $ATIME: $ATIME for Loot
Season 3 of $ATIME: Stake for $ATIME (TBD)

Chapter 4: The Genesis Scrolls

☑️  Launch Genesis Scrolls steering committee

Release the first group of Genesis Scrolls!

Ecosystem Development

☑️  Integrate Genesis Loot / Genesis Adventurers as a core part of the Loot ecosystem

☑️  Visualize and analyze GAs on

☑️  Trade and analyze GAs on

☑️  Enter the Rift and earn XP with Genesis Adventurers

☑️  Mint special Rings for Loot using Genesis Adventurers

Mint Hyperloot with Genesis Adventurers
Mint Genesis Explorers (Loot Explorers) with Genesis Adventurers
Raid Crypts with Genesis Adventurers

TBD, No Promises

Stake Genesis Adventurers to earn $ATIME (TBD)
Tribute Genesis Adventurers to earn $DIVINE in the Divine City (TBD)
Resurrect Genesis Adventurers using $LORDS (TBD)
Fortify your Realm with Genesis Adventurers (TBD)
Earn $AGLD by staking Genesis Adventurers? (TBD)

Highlights from Around the Ecosystem: Lootverse Projects Integrating Genesis Adventurers with Special Access

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