The Genesis Project ↓

Join us on our Quest to Summon the Spirits of the 2,540 Genesis Adventurers of the Lootverse

A collaborative adventure to mint the Genesis Loot bags held by the most powerful adventurers of the Lootverse.

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The Genesis Project is a community of builders, designers, mathematicians and storytellers on a mission to summon the spirits of the original 2540 Genesis Adventurers of Loot. Along the way, we’re creating and discovering the origin story of the Loot universe.


Collect Genesis Mana

Collect a full set of 8 items of Genesis Mana, one for each inventory slot, all of the same Order

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Mint a Genesis Loot Bag

Summon the spirit of a Genesis Adventurer and receive its Genesis Loot bag.

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Enter the Lootverse

Genesis Loot holders have special privileges and access across the Lootverse...

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