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What is this game?

Go Fish, with a layer of trustless social coordination, and built on the fundamental building blocks of Web3.

How do I play?

There are 3 Chapters to this game (so far), described on the homepage of Get Started as well:

  1. Almost every Loot bag holder can "distill" Genesis ManaGenesis Mana from your bag, for free, with no changes to your current bag.
    • Loot bags that hold items with “of ____” in the item name are eligible to mint Genesis Mana from those items.
    • Some bags have one item of Genesis loot, and some have many.
    • Each item can be distilled into Genesis Mana separately, all for free.
    • These Genesis ManaGenesis Mana NFTs act as "Mint Passes" to enable players to work together to mint Genesis AdventurersGenesis Adventurers
  2. Working together, Loot bag holders can "resurrect" Genesis AdventurersGenesis Adventurers, the 2,540 original beings who carried perfect Genesis Loot bags across 16 Orders (of the Fox, of Giants, of Brilliance, etc)
  3. With Genesis AdventurersGenesis Adventurers, players are entitled to claim resources like ⏳Adventure Time ($ATIME), and , and will receive other "Offerings," privileges, benefits and derivative claims.

How do I get involved as a contributor on the project?

  • All ideas are good ideas!
  • 1) Dive right in. We have an active community of builders. There's joy spilling out of our Discord daily.
  • 2) Ping a mod or Timshel and we will set you up with an Onboarding role and open a channel for whatever project you want to work on!

Why are there 16 Orders? How did we get to this discovery inside the data? How did you know to chase this down?

What is an Order?

What is an Order?

Where will the utility come from?

  • First of all, it's fun to play games! And this is a new kind of game. A human game of trustless cooperation, negotiation and teamwork.
  • Learning! If you play this game, you will learn more about the core essence of Web3 than you could ever learn by just reading: the tools, the dynamics, the problems, and more.


  • Genesis AdventurersGenesis Adventurers are the original 2,540 beings, the original defenders and warriors of their Order
    • We believe that future game developers will respect the Genesis Adventurers as one of the most powerful characters in the Loot universe
    • Genesis Loot bags should become rare and exciting characters in web apps, games, interactive media, etc
  • Learn about ⏳Adventure Time ($ATIME)
  • Learn about 📜Genesis Scrolls

Learn About Genesis ManaGenesis Mana <—— click here

Learn About Genesis AdventurersGenesis Adventurers <—— click here

Learn About The Genesis Project ↓