Genesis Mana
Genesis Mana

Genesis Mana

Just jumping in for the first time? Go back to the The Genesis Project homepage to see the whole picture before diving into Genesis Mana.

The average OG Loot bag has 2-3 pieces of free Genesis Mana to claim, for free, which can be used to resurrect Genesis Adventurers, or can be sold to the NFTx pool or on OpenSea.

The Story of Genesis Mana

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Genesis Mana Contract on Etherscan

What is Genesis Mana exactly? A Mint pass to be collected and used to summon Genesis AdventurersGenesis Adventurers, the original beings of the Loot who carried the original, unrandomized Genesis Loot bags.
Who can claim Genesis Mana, and how much? OG Loot bag holders, for now
How do I mint Genesis Mana? Expand for the image
How much Genesis Mana is in my bag?
Does minting Genesis Mana affect my Loot bag? NO!
How do I know if a Loot bag has Genesis Mana available to be claimed?
I've claimed my Genesis Mana, now what?
How do I know which GMs I need?
Will I lose my GMs if I wait to mint?
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