Genesis Mana
Genesis Mana

Genesis Mana

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The average OG Loot bag has 2-3 pieces of free Genesis Mana to claim, for free, which can be used to resurrect Genesis Adventurers, or can be sold to the NFTx pool or on OpenSea.

The Story of Genesis Mana

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You take the Holy Chestplate of Brilliance from your Loot bag and hold it up to the light. It vibrates with energy and seems to shimmer in your hand. You feel the pull of your ancestral Order calling through the mist. Time and space stands still. A flash! Then silence. You carefully look into your Wallet and notice something new: Genesis Mana. A Discovery Awaits... You now have a new piece of Genesis Mana in your bag: the Holy Chestplate of Brilliance. Where did this come from? Who wore this? It strikes you — this ancient item came from one of the original Adventurers — a Genesis Adventurer. What else were they wearing when they arrived in this realm? What else did they carry? In the times ahead, your Order will need a champion, a hero. You carry her Mana in your bag and can feel her calling to you through the mist. Find me the rest of my loot. I am here. Bring me back. Can you resurrect a Genesis Adventurer before it’s too late? Your adventure begins.


What is Genesis Mana exactly? A Mint pass to be collected and used to summon
Genesis Adventurers
Genesis Adventurers
, the original beings of the Loot who carried the original, unrandomized Genesis Loot bags.

The Goal: Collect 8 Genesis Mana to create a perfect Genesis Loot bag

  • One for each item type (Weapon, Head, Neck, etc)
  • All from the same Order (of the Fox, Titans, Giants, etc
  • Having all 8 Genesis Mana in your wallet unlocks the ability to summon the spirit of a Genesis Adventurer and receive its Genesis Loot bag as an NFT.
    • Current Mint Fee: 0.25Eth
    • 75% of Mint Fee Donated to the
  • Genesis Loot bags receive special privileges, airdrops and access around the Lootverse.
Who can claim Genesis Mana, and how much? OG Loot bag holders, for now

Genesis Mana is available for free to claim for anyone with an OG Loot bag, where that bag has items with "Of [_____]" inside of it.

Each item with "Of" is of one of the original 16 Orders of Loot, and each can be distilled into its own piece of Genesis Mana.

Can mLoot or sLoot holders mint Genesis Mana? No, not yet. But we hope to get there!

For now, only holders of original Loot bags can mint Genesis Mana. It’s free and will always be free to mint.

Eventually, the 16 Orders may vote to enable Genesis Mana and Genesis Adventurers to be minted from mLoot or xLoot or other Genesis beings to be minted from original bags (hint: Dragons and Demons), but until then, this contract is locked to original bags.

But even if you don’t have a Loot bag you can still jump right in and play - Genesis Mana is available on OpenSea or NFTx + you can propose trades in Discord using something like Sudoswap to trade any NFT for Genesis Mana.

How much Genesis Mana is in my bag?

Does minting Genesis Mana affect my Loot bag? NO!

No! Your original Loot bag will remain untouched when minting Genesis Mana.

How do I know if a Loot bag has Genesis Mana available to be claimed?

If you do not own a Loot Bag, and attempt to mint Genesis Mana, there will be a Transaction Error, and gas will be very high (1-2ETH) as a warning to stop.

To check if a Loot bag has unclaimed Mana, go to:

  • This gives a count for how many Genesis Mana have been minted out of the total Genesis Mana in each bag
    • “0 / 4” means 4 mana are available, and zero have been minted, so 4 are still available.
    • “4 / 4” means 4 mana were available, but all 4 have already been minted.
  • Enter your bag id and search.
  • Or to search across your whole wallet (or anyone’s wallet), go here:

The Genesis Mana contract

  • If you want to be absolutely sure, you can check a Loot bag for specific items of available Genesis Mana using the Read Contract page on Etherscan.
  • In the claimedLootTokenId, input the bag ID, and the Inventory ID (using 0-7 instead of 1-8, we're sorry for the inconsistency!!!).
  • A "true" result means the Genesis Mana has been claimed for that item.
  • A false result means it is unclaimed, or is not actually a Genesis item, so double check your inputs!

I've claimed my Genesis Mana, now what?

It's time to try to mint a Genesis Adventurer!

Find your Order(s) on Discord and start working together to buy, sell, trade, or share with other Mana holders.

Collect one Genesis Mana of each item type, all of the same Order — in the same wallet — to mint your GA.

How do I know which GMs I need?

You will need one GM from each inventory type within a Loot bag, all from the same Order.

The inventory types are Weapon, Chest Armor, Head Armor, Waist, Foot Armor, Hand Armor, Neck, and Ring.

These correspond to rows 1-8 on an original Loot bag.

Each of those items must be of the same Order (of the Fox, Of the Twins, etc).

Will I lose my GMs if I wait to mint?

No they are reserved for you as long as you continue to hold the Loot bag.

Learn about the
Lost Mana

Lost Genesis Mana works just like regular Mana for resurrecting Genesis Adventurers

The Lost Genesis Mana fills in the gaps of each item type (i.e. Head, Weapon, Waist, etc) to ensure that every piece of distilled Genesis Mana can be used to complete a perfect set, totaling up to the 2,540 potential Genesis Adventurers — with no Mana left over.

Because for instance in Brilliance, there are 25 more items of Hand than Rings, there are now 25 Lost Mana of Rings (and all other items needed) to ensure that every Hand of Brilliance can be used to complete perfect sets of Brilliance and to resurrect the full set of 152 Genesis Adventurers of Brilliance.

Once used inside of a GA, Lost Mana can be named. Learn about that process here — 

Lost Mana Trading Post