Lost Mana Trading Post

The Lost Mana Trading Post is a way to circulate the into the hands of the community and help players of the collaborative game be more successful at resurrecting



We will periodically offer trading windows where players can exchange NFTs and/or tokens for Lost Mana to help them on their quest to resurrect Adventurers.

CLOSED - Season Zero: Soft Opening of the Lost Mana Trading Post

Trading Post Experiment: Lost Mana Alpha Test


Two trade offerings available:

a) Minted Lost Mana <> 0.06ETH + GM

b) Unminted Lost Mana (trader selects order and inventory item) <> 0.12ETH + GM


21 Lost Mana distributed to 11 different players, with 21 GMs and 1.44 ETH received


Opening and closing announcements too open ended and announced clumsily, trading was too hands-on, rules unclear and sometimes confusing. Seasoned players took advantage, but it was not approachable for new players.

CLOSED - Season One: $ATIME as the catalyst for trades

The Lost Mana Trading Post is re-opening its doors, with some new, simplified guidelines.

One item of <> One item of
Genesis Mana
Genesis Mana
+ 100 tokens of
Adventure Time ($ATIME)

👉 Player Provides:

👈 Player Receives:


Each player can trade as many times as they want, so long as they have enough $ATIME to cover the transactions.



will open its doors soon (and will be announced 24h before trading begins). Holden the merchant-historian is assembling his collection of Lost Mana to display to his patrons.

The Trading Post will close its doors at the end of the first season of $ATIME, or when 100 Lost Mana have been traded, whichever comes first. We'll regroup and adjust the Trading Post model based on what we learn from this season.


The supply of 100 Lost Mana will be available to scout in this wallet: https://rainbow.me/0x96f47d56F25D2bA629db1F55db0517deE67640e1

How to Execute Trades:
  • Find which of the 100 Lost Mana you want by scouting in this wallet: https://rainbow.me/0x96f47d56F25D2bA629db1F55db0517deE67640e1
  • To trade, tag @holden in the #lost-gm-trading-post channel AND send a DM to @holden with:
  • a) your target Lost GM ID

    b) your GM to trade

    c) address to receive the lost GM

  • Trades will be processed in the order the DM with the target GM ID are received, in case multiple people are chasing the same item.
  • We'll try to get to all trades within 24 hours at most, but hopefully sooner depending on trading volume!
  • Once connected with @holden, the trader will:
  • 1) Send 100 $ATIME to: 0xfCCe78aBc832BC9f7F1935e729348FaA9e959323 (genesisproject.eth).

    2) Send a GM to: 0xfCCe78aBc832BC9f7F1935e729348FaA9e959323 (genesisproject.eth) - this will help keep the Lost Mana supply scannable in the primary community wallet.

    3) Receive your Lost GM to the address you choose!

Over time, we will automate this with a web app. But for now, we believe that this is a fun and engaging way to work together directly and build the community.


64 Lost Mana traded, across 18 players, collecting 64 GMs, and 6400 ATIME in the Community Treasury.

PENDING - Season Two: The mana vending machine for $LORDS

Holden The Great Mana Merchant has created a Genesis Mana vending machine that exclusively accepts $LORDS.


Holden, the great adventurer and mana merchant, has been in town but keeping a low profile as he recently became a father. However, even without frequenting the local pubs, he has been bombarded with news and excitement surrounding a new trading token, $LORDS. At first, he quickly dismissed these reports; he had $AGLD, he had $ATIME - what more could $LORDS offer him. However, a month had passed, and the excitement had not subsided, so he decided to reach out to his most trusted and adventurous friends for more information.

His friends told him of a trove of new resources soon to be discovered, Dragonhide, Mithral, Adamantine, and more. Resources thought only to exist in tales but that his friends were now certain existed. Even more exciting is that it is believed these resources are the key to rebuilding the great Realms of old and would only be available via $LORDS.

While Holden had created a modest lifestyle for his family through his previous adventures and trading, very few in the current society had any real wealth. The thought of the Realms of old being restored to their previous glory and him being a Lord was too big of an opportunity to pass up. While he would typically just reopen the mana market and offer mana for $LORDS, he was still wary of public interaction in fear of bringing home a virus and getting his infant sick.

Holden was a great adventurer, and great adventurers are great problem solvers. He stayed up all night, and by morning, he had created the first-ever $LORDS Mana Pool. Those with $LORDS seeking Genesis Mana need not negotiate with Holden directly. Instead, they are able to acquire any of Genesis Mana Holden has available for sale for a predetermined amount of $LORDS tokens. Since Holden is keen on collecting these precious tokens, he is offering his Genesis Mana items at an attractive discount for $LORDS token holders. The pool will start with a modest supply of Genesis Mana, but Holden may add more in the future. Dedicated mana hunters are advised to frequently check the pool as they would the other Mana pools. Those seeking specific Genesis Mana they know Holden to be in possession of can place a request in #holdens-palace. A request does not guarantee that GM will be added to the vending machine, but Holden will do his best.

Trade Details

This market will be managed by sudoswap. We will make various Genesis Mana from our community treasury available for $LORDS via sudoswap.

The goal will be to price the GMs below the NFTx buy price (currently 0.1954ETH) but close to the NFTx sell price (currently 0.1791ETH).

With this model, $LORDS owners will have access to mana at below current floor price but not low enough to buy GMs from the vending machine and resell it to NFTx for ETH.


As soon as the swap is created it will be public and immediately available so this is inherently first come, first served.


We will give an advanced notice prior to creating the first sudoswap listing but after this point, adventurers will be expected to monitor sudoswap for new listings. Ideally we’ll provide a discord bot to post when new listings become available.

How to Execute Trades:
  • Navigate to https://sudoswap.xyz/#/
  • Select “All Swaps” from the menu
  • Enter the contract address for Genesis Mana: 0xf4b6040a4b1b30f1d1691699a8f3bf957b03e463
  • If you want something, buy it. Note anyone is free to list mana on sudoswap so there may be other swaps listed that aren't from our treasury.
Outcome (tbd)

If you’re just getting ramped up, learn more background information here:

What’s The Genesis Project?