Genesis Adventurers
Genesis Adventurers

Genesis Adventurers

Genesis Loot bags are full of the items carried by the 2,540 original “Genesis Adventurers” of Loot, whose existence is implied by the math hidden inside the OG Loot contract.
The first fully-rendered Genesis Adventurer of the Fox. This is a single rendering from an individual artist (Anon11).
The first fully-rendered Genesis Adventurer of the Fox. This is a single rendering from an individual artist (Anon11).

What is a Genesis Adventurer?

  • A Genesis Adventurer is an NFT (ERC721) representing one of the 2,540 original adventurers in the Loot Universe.
  • These Genesis Adventurers (AKA “Genesis Loot” bags) can be minted from wallets carrying a perfect set of 8 Genesis Mana mint passes, one GM for each item type (Weapon, Head, Hand, etc), all from the same Order (of the Fox, of Brilliance, etc).
  • When a player summons the spirit of a Genesis Adventurer, the player receives their Genesis Loot bag.
  • This Genesis Loot bag entitles the player to special privileges,
    Adventure Time ($ATIME)
    , GA characters, quests, rewards, access, community, and the power to steer the overall Genesis Project



Can I mint a Genesis Adventurer right now? (Yes if you have a complete set of Genesis Mana)

Yes! Jump into Discord to find teams and support.

Mint Genesis Adventurers here, using a perfect set of 8 Genesis Mana

Will minting a Genesis Adventurer affect my Loot bag? (No!)

No! Your original Loot bag will remain untouched when minting a Genesis Adventurer.

Will minting a Genesis Adventurer affect my
Genesis Mana
Genesis Mana

Yes! Since Genesis Mana acts as a mint pass, all 8 Genesis Mana NFTs used to mint your Genesis Adventurer will be "used" as part of the contract.

Functionally, that means the GMs will be sent to the community wallet of the specific Order which you minted.

How do we know that the "Of" Suffixes are in fact the organizing principle around which the original “perfect” bags were designed?
  • Because assembling a perfect bag is not only possible with the Suffixes, but it is ONLY possible using the Suffixes.

  • What is the cost of a Genesis Adventurer? Free for first 20, 0.25Eth for #21 - 500, community vote for each next tier of mint fees.
    1. Resurrecting Genesis Adventurers (using a complete set of 8 Genesis Mana) is free for the first 20 GA's
    2. GAs #21 - 500 will only be 0.25Eth to mint, and note that in most cases this cost will be shared across teams of 2-8 people.
    3. Beyond #200, we are going to try something that no Loot project has done yet —** we will empower this community to vote on the go-forward price**
      1. GAs #1 - 20: 0 ETH
      2. GAs #20-200: Voted for 0.25 ETH
      3. GAs #201-300: Voted to keep at 0.25 ETH
      4. GAs #301-500: Voted to keep at 0.25 ETH
      5. GAs #501 - TBD: community will vote to decide
      6. Where does this mint fee go?

How to Mint
Genesis Adventurers
Genesis Adventurers

Mint from the Website:

Mint from the Contract:

Click to Expand: How to Mint GAs from the Contract

Mint Instructions: Resurrect a Genesis Adventurer

This looks complex, but it's worth it! Double click the image to expand.


Reminder: you need to go to the GM contract and tell it that it's OK for the GA contract to use your GMs

STEP 0: If you are minting for a team using a shared Gnosis Wallet, you need to authenticate into Etherscan via WalletConnect

  • Yes this is annoying but this is standard :)
  • Go to Gnosis → Apps → Wallet Connect
  • Go to Etherscan → Connect to Web 3, WalletConnect →
  • Copy the address from Etherscan and paste into WalletConnect inside Gnosis
  • Go back to Etherscan — now you are connected to Etherscan using your Gnosis wallet!
  • Note that for all further steps, as you now "Write" in Etherscan, your Metamask won't pop up, and instead you need to go to Gnosis and wait a minute or two (patience!) and then a transaction will pop up for you and your multisigs to approve.
  • Carry on to Step 1!

STEP 1. Go to Genesis Mana (GM) contract 👉 Allow the Genesis Adventurer contract to “use” your Genesis Mana (and only your Genesis Mana)

  • Genesis Mana contract is here:
  • Go to 7.SetApprovalForAll
  • Put the new GA contract address into operator: 0x8db687aceb92c66f013e1d614137238cc698fedb
    • (This is the Genesis Adventurer contract address)
  • In approved type true then click Write
  • This allows the new GA contract to "use" your GMs
    • You are effectively saying to the Genesis Mana contract: “Hey, I’m comfortable with the GA contract using my GMs so I can mint a GA.”
  • Why do you have to do this preliminary step before resurrecting a GA?
    • Doing this allows the new GA contract to "use" your GMs, nothing else. It doesn’t allow the contract to do anything else or touch anything else.
    • This step is annoying, but important — this way, we can take the used GM items and remove them from the marketplace so that no one on OpenSea accidentally buys “used” GMs.

Note: nothing in this project will ever, ever, ever do anything to your original Loot bag.

STEP 2. Go to Genesis Adventurer (GA) contract 👉 Resurrect Genesis Adventurer!

  • Genesis Adventurer contract is here:
  • Click WriteAsProxy
  • Click ResurrectGA
  • Input PayableAmount = 0 for first 20 GAs = 0.25 for the GAs #21 - #300 and TBD price for GAs after #300
    • You can see how many have been minted on OpenSea, or click "26. TotalSupply" on ReadAsProxy
  • Last step: Enter your 8 Genesis Mana IDs, one for each item type, into the corresponding fields for Weapon, Chest, Head, etc.
  • Click Write and approve the transaction!

NOTE: if gas is insanely high, it’s because you need to do step 1, or you don’t have all the GMs in your wallet, or you entered the wrong ETH amount, or you typed something wrong

YOU NOW HAVE A GENESIS ADVENTURER, of one of the original 16 Orders of Loot, resurrected to its original state, ready to defend its ancestral Order.

  • With this GA, you will unlock downstream rewards and benefits, including special access to derivative projects across the Lootverse and claimable ERC20 tokens like $AMANA and $ATIME.

If you're just arriving, some more information to get you oriented:

"Wait, what is the Genesis Project?"
  • With support and inspiration from the legends of Loot, the team at
    Get Started
    set out to derive the original "order" of the Loot bags, how the bags were organized before they were shuffled.
  • What we discovered was a key that has unlocked a quest hidden inside the originial Loot smart contract.
  • Through the data, we derived the "genesis state" of the Loot universe — 2,540 "Genesis Loot" bags organized around 16 "Orders" — of the Fox, of Brilliance, of Twins, etc.
  • As defined by the name of the game itself, it's clear that these 2,540 Genesis Loot bags were carried by the original "Adventurers" — we're calling them
    Genesis Adventurers
    Genesis Adventurers
  • The Loot universe began with exactly 2,540 perfect bags, carried by 2,540
    Genesis Adventurers
    Genesis Adventurers
    . We're here to reassemble these original bags and resurrect the Genesis Adventurers to their original state.

Side quest

PHEW — if you've made it this far, congrats, and welcome. Come join us in Discord.