Community Treasury

The Genesis Project Community Treasury is the custodian for the Genesis Project DAO's community wallet — responsible for advancing development of the Genesis Project and bringing the wider Lootverse to life, done so by executing

actions voted on by the DAO.


Principles for Treasury Management (click to expand)

Usage / Utility

What will the Community Treasury be used for?

The Lost Mana and other funds collected by the Genesis Project DAO will be used to:

  • Reward and encourage active community development (Guides, new team members, one-off projects, etc)
  • Support art and artists
  • Support development projects, like if we wanted to launch a profile picture NFT project, of 1:1 GA profile pictures
  • Support community management and outreach
  • Create fun rewards, prizes and side quests for players
  • Help build bridges across the Lootverse with challenges, collabs, gifts, and surprises
  • Support dev of future, major Genesis Project chapters

And anything else we can dream

What is in the Community Treasury?

What is in the Community Treasury? (click to expand)

Model for
Founder Rewards
+ Donations to the Community Treasury

Rewards & Donations: Details


How does the Treasury Distribute Assets and Tokens?

Bookkeeping Tables

Community Wallets
Major Wallet Activities
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Odds and Ends

Mechanics of Treasury Transactions
Basic Operating Guidelines for the Treasury