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Get Started

The Genesis Project is a community of builders, designers, mathematicians and storytellers on a mission to create and discover the origin story of the Loot universe. Join us on our quest to reach through time and summon the spirits of the first and most powerful adventurers of the Lootverse, the “Genesis Adventurers .”

Thank you to Dom for the incredible inspiration and gift of Loot.

🎬 Start Here

Step 1: Distill Genesis ManaGenesis Mana from OG Loot Bags or Acquire it on OpenSea or NFTx

  1. For OG Loot Bag holders, mint Genesis Mana here (for free).
  2. For players who don't own OG Loot bags:
    1. Buy/Trade on NFTx
    2. Buy/Trade on OpenSea
Key: Use the Mana Finder as a flashlight to see through the mist and discover the Genesis Mana you need to summon the spirit of a Genesis Adventurer.

Step 2: Summon the Spirit of a Genesis Adventurer & Mint its Genesis Loot bag

The Goal: Collect 8 Genesis Mana to create a perfect Genesis Loot bag

  • One for each item type (Weapon, Head, Neck, etc)
  • All from the same Order (of the Fox, Titans, Giants, etc
  • Having all 8 Genesis Mana in your wallet unlocks the ability to summon the spirit of a Genesis Adventurer and receive its Genesis Loot bag as an NFT.
    • Current Mint Fee: 0.25Eth
    • 75% of Mint Fee Donated to the
  • Genesis Loot bags receive special privileges, airdrops and access around the Lootverse.
The PortalLearn about what you can do with Genesis Adventurers

The Genesis AdventurersGenesis Adventurers are the original 2,540 "original beings" of the Lootverse. The existence of the Genesis AdventurersGenesis Adventurers was discovered within and derived from the OG Loot contract. Read here for the proof of this discovery.

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