The Humble Traveler: Introducing the Transformation Station

The Humble Traveler: Introducing the Transformation Station

TL;DR = Enable players to use ATIME to travel through the Transformation Station and trade their GA in with the Genesis Project community wallet in exchange for an OG Loot Bag OR a OG Loot back in exchange for a GA!

  • Send: One GA + 20,320 $ATIME
  • Get: One OG Loot Bag

And in reverse: OG Loot holders can use ATIME to learn the skills of the Travelers and use the Transformation Station to trade an OG Loot Bag for a GA.

  • Send: One OG Loot Bag + 20,320 $ATIME
  • Get: One GA

Limited capacity:

  • The Transformation Station can only handle up to 5 active trades at once (for now). So once one side of the time portal has a +5, we must wait for some reverse transformations before the “line” opens up again for Transformations in the other direction.

Current Status:

[+4 Genesis Loot bags] + [-4 OG Loot bags]

Meaning: we have received 4 Genesis Loot bags and given 4 OG Loot bags

MAX = +/-5 in either direction


  • Max of “net 5 trades” in either direction for season 1 at any given moment
  • Max 1 transformation per person
  • The community wallet will supply the OG Loot Bags and Genesis Loot bags

This is truly an experiment

  • Will any GA holders renounce their GAs and use this Transformation Station?
  • Will any OG Loot Bag holders upgrade their Bags to GAs?
  • Either way, this will be a fun story to tell later!!