Lost Mana

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Lost Mana can be used as a wild card to pick items

1. Connect Wallet 2. Click “My” 3. Click “Upgrade” 4. Choose the names 5. Approve transactions! (Free, just 100 $ATIME)

How It Works:

  • Lost Mana can be named only after it’s used to summon the spirit of a Genesis Adventurer and once it is inside that GA’s Genesis Loot bag, not before.
  • 100 tokens of $ATIME per Lost Mana item
[Expand] Lost Mana is a wild card to pick any naturally-occurring base item
  • The keep things fair and consistent with the canon and constraints of the OG Loot contract, Lost Mana can only take the form of the lowest naturally-occurring Greatness variant of an item.
  • As a result, all Lost Mana is Greatness 15,16,17,18.
  • This means Lost Mana items will not have a “name prefix” or +1 modified (which happens at Greatness 19 and 20, respectively).
  • Its value is in its diversity and flexibility, not its Greatness.
[Expand] Respecting the OG Loot contract, there are a few constraints and caps on which items can be picked
  • Using the constraints and ratios from the first 8,000 OG Loot bags, there is a cap on how many Lost Mana items can become a certain item within each Order
    • i.e only 7 Lost Chest armors of Brilliance will be able to become Divine Robes.
  • The specific caps are based on the existing distribution of those exact items across the 8,000 OG Loot bags.
  • For weapons, not all weapons exist across all Orders, even if there were 1,000,000,0000 Loot bags. As a result, Genesis Loot holders will only be able to turn a Lost Weapon into a weapon that actually exists for that Order.
    • i.e the Order of Skills simply does not have Ghost Wands, so a Lost Weapon of Skill cannot become a Ghost Wand
  • The full “menu” of items is here, in the last tab called “Lost Mana”

The Meaning of the Lost Mana

The Lore
  • When we summon the spirit of the Genesis Adventurer, that GA’s Genesis Loot bag manifests before us, brought back through time, full of its ancient and original items.
  • Inside of that Genesis Loot bag: a cache of 20,320 $ATIME (learn more about Adventure Time)
  • Using that $ATIME, the holder of the bag now has the power to “manipulate time” across the Lootverse
  • One exciting utility for $ATIME is to “discover the true names” of the Lost Mana items inside of a Genesis Loot bag

Learn about Lost Mana

Where it came from, how it was derived from the original Loot contract, and how it’s used as fuel that powers the Genesis Project.
FAQs about Lost Genesis Mana
What is
Lost Mana

Lost Mana works just like regular Mana for summoning the spirits of Genesis Adventurers

The Lost Genesis Mana fills in the gaps of each item type (i.e. Head, Weapon, Waist, etc) to ensure that every piece of distilled Genesis Mana can be used to complete a perfect set, totaling up to the 2,540 potential Genesis Adventurers — with no Mana left over.

How much Lost Mana is there?
  • 2,167 pieces, implied by the original Loot contract, spread across Orders and inventory types.
  • Half of the Lost Mana is available for the community, to be traded with players, and used for collabs, rewards and surprises for the community. The Historians and the community will steer the direction of the community portion of the Lost Mana.
  • The other half of the Lost Mana is reserved for the founding team (which equates to 5.3% of the total Mana)
  • Data is public here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/118x6e4WEVZ7q-XvsRoyDNq7Nufw3xSmMKeYxPpivwRA/edit?usp=sharing
What is the plan with Lost Mana?

The Genesis Project will mint the total 2167 Lost Mana using our dev wallet, over time

50% will live in the Genesis Project
Community Treasury
, and we are open-minded as to how the community wants to use them (Click to expand)
  • Prizes & rewards
  • Give pieces to the 16 Orders to help complete sets
  • Trade or Sell it on OpenSea to fund the community wallet to allow us to fund projects like the Genesis Scrolls or The Forge
Where did Lost Mana come from? What is the story behind it?

Long long ago, when the Genesis Adventurers discovered the first 2540 Genesis Loot bags, those bags were of course full of 8 items, all of the same Order / the same spirit.

Given the original Genesis Loot items that are now shuffled across all 8,000 OG Loot bags that we found on 8/27/2021, the distribution of those items suggests that between the Genesis Era of Loot and the present day, there are some “lost” items that would mathematically make up the complete set of 2540 Genesis Loot bags.

The chart below shows how many of each item there are, and the derived count of lost Genesis Loot to complete the full set of each Order’s original "Perfect Bags.”

Can I mint Lost Mana ?

Only the Genesis Project Community Wallet can mint the 2,167 items of Lost Genesis Mana. Players can trade or buy Lost Genesis Mana with the project itself, or with other players who have acquired Lost Genesis Mana.

Can I use Lost Mana to build a Genesis Adventurer?

Yes! It can be used in exactly the same way as Genesis Mana distilled from Loot bags.

And: it can be used as a “wild card” to pick any base item once it’s been used mint a GA.

How much Lost Mana exists in the Loot universe?

There are 2,167 Lost Genesis Mana available to be minted by the Genesis Project, spread across Orders and inventory types.

What does Lost Mana look like?

Lost Genesis Mana looks exactly the same as Genesis Mana, but does not have a bag # or item name...yet, as it was excavated and discovered by the Historians, not distilled from an original Loot bag.