Lost Mana

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Lost Mana can be used as a wild card to pick items

1. Connect Wallet 2. Click “My” 3. Click “Upgrade” 4. Choose the names 5. Approve transactions! (Free, just 100 $ATIME)

How It Works:

  • Lost Mana can be named only after it’s used to summon the spirit of a Genesis Adventurer and once it is inside that GA’s Genesis Loot bag, not before.
  • 100 tokens of $ATIME per Lost Mana item
[Expand] Lost Mana is a wild card to pick any naturally-occurring base item
[Expand] Respecting the OG Loot contract, there are a few constraints and caps on which items can be picked

The Meaning of the Lost Mana

The Lore

  • When we summon the spirit of the Genesis Adventurer, that GA’s Genesis Loot bag manifests before us, brought back through time, full of its ancient and original items.
  • Inside of that Genesis Loot bag: a cache of 20,320 $ATIME (learn more about Adventure Time)
  • Using that $ATIME, the holder of the bag now has the power to “manipulate time” across the Lootverse
  • One exciting utility for $ATIME is to “discover the true names” of the Lost Mana items inside of a Genesis Loot bag

Learn about Lost Mana

Where it came from, how it was derived from the original Loot contract, and how it’s used as fuel that powers the Genesis Project.

FAQs about Lost Genesis Mana