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A Note about the Genesis Project's role in the Lootverse

The role that Genesis Project wants to play isn't to be everything, and isn't to build stories and lore into the future.

Rather, it's to derive the origin story from the past and to build bridges through time and space that will give this Lootverse the best chance of breakout success. The core of this project has been to design and create the

through collaboration and teamwork. Together as a community, we are creating the primitives that represent some of the most powerful, original characters of the Lootverse....

....this collaborative, community effort has given us the financing, momentum, and credibility needed to fuel the creation of the origin stories of the 16 Orders...

....these origin stories of the 16 Orders then can be discovered by Loot holders, and Realms holders, and $DIVINE holders and of course

, and as each one is discovered it gets written to the blockchain...

...and then naturally and unimpeachably, these Genesis Scrolls become a canonically-accepted foundational origin story of Loot, embraced, designed and discovered through collective action and "proof of cooperation" by the most active members of the Loot community...

...and from these foundational characters and seeds of conflict, an entire universe can unfold, in infinite directions.

🔮 The future is ours to design. 🔮

What Role Do the Genesis Scrolls Play in the Lootverse?

If together, we can accelerate the path to discovering the Genesis Scrolls, it will be a turning point for the Lootverse.

These to-be-written and to-be-discovered Genesis Scrolls will be the key that unlocks the doors to the development of the epic game/movie/entertainment universe that we all collectively imagine Loot can become. With the Genesis Scrolls, we can discover the purpose of the Adventurers, and the nature of our adventures.

What are our origin stories? Why are we here? What kind of Adventurers do we seek? Where did we come from? What is our purpose here in the Lootverse? Who are we?

Loot needs a foundation we can all work from. The only way that a story becomes credible canon is if it's discovered by the community, embraced by the community, and written to the blockchain by the community. This community-endorsed construct and origin story will be the very thing that creates the foundation that will enable the development of the epic games and a 100M-player Lootverse.

As big as Star Wars

Loot can be as big as Star Wars, Zelda, Tomb Raider, Pokemon — a pillar of culture for the next generation.

But if every Star Wars movie had a different concept of the Empire vs. the Rebel Alliance, totally different concepts of Darth Vader vs. Luke, if the Force was just a side plot from one movie and was reinvented in each subsequent would be insanity, and the franchise would have faded away into obscurity. For Loot, we have a foundation — the OG contract. The 16 Orders, Greatness, Item Rankings and more. If we can bring these foundational constructs to life with lore and stories, we can establish a unified foundation for the Lootverse that can inspire a generation of storytellers and builders to expand the universe, together.

Why Genesis Scrolls is so important for this current moment

Through the community-driven game that's happening inside The Genesis Project, we can help finance, develop, and ultimately discover the origin stories of each Order in a way that's natural and community-organized, and therefore embraced as canon.

From this foundation, every other project can go and build any story / visual / sidequest / lore / game / etc that it wants, anchored by the same universal principles and shared physics. But the key is that it's the same universe (Lootverse) built on the same basic foundational physics, not an explosion of stories built on entirely different realities. ...and with a long enough timeline, what begins as fantasy can become sci-fi.

How Does the Process Work?
  • What is the UX for how new people get involved in this, from Twitter/elsewhere, into the Divine Discord, and then into this project?
    • Project team needs to work on this
  • Who can submit content? And how?
    • This is TBD
    • The steering committee will help define this process
    • “A proposal template” (typeform or airtable or google form)

      If we decide that a competition style is a format we want to explore, here is an example of SpiceDAO’s Writting Competition

      SpiceDAO Writing Competition Example

  • Is each piece of content written by one person, supported by the community?
    • Likely yes
  • What is the rewards model?
    • To be determined by the Genesis Scrolls committee
  • How do we encourage people to participate and feel heard

  • Where does this content live / get “distributed” as it’s published?
    • — need to build a cool UX for the Divine Library
      • the content will live on chain and across the web, but organized in a unified Divine Library UX
    •, “presented by DivineDAO”
  • Fantasy & Sci-fi Legends
    • This is a dream...
    • Cixin Liu
    • N.K. Jemisin
    • Nnedi Okorafor
    • Brandon Sanderson
    • Patrick Rothfuss
    • Pierce Brown
    • Neil Stephenson
    • George RR Martin
    • Neil Gaiman
    • And more...
  • Loot community members
    • Writers from the Genesis Project community
    • Writers from the DivineDAO community
    • Writers from the Loot community
    • Writers from the Realms community
    • And more...
  • Up & Coming Fantasy Writers
    • ?
Why? What are the goals?
  • For general interest in Loot: Publish a series of entertaining, compelling stories/collaborative media experiences for the Loot community, in order to get people excited in and around Loot, and simply create something awesome for the community.
  • For builders/creators: Establish a set of basic principles and stories for future writers/creatives to use as reference material going forward.

What form do the Genesis Scrolls take?
  • It’s up to us! The full collection of Genesis Scrolls will be made up of a diverse set of multi-media, multi-format content.
Format could be:
  • Short stories
  • Multimedia / video
  • Interactive content like a choose your own adventure
  • NFTs
  • or more....
Content could be:
  • A 1st person diary
  • A compendium of the Realms, their names and resources and brief histories
  • Journals and diaries from early Adventurers
  • A book of poems from the Genesis Era
  • Letters between adventurers
  • A full story with a 3rd person narrator
  • A compendium of character studies
  • A collection of snippets and scraps
  • A retelling of a story of one individual protagonist
  • An epic novel that spans a whole society
  • A text in an unknown language that we need to translate and decipher
  • or more....

The first “Lore Development Kit” for creatives and builders to reference
Phase 1: “Canon LDK” (Lore Development Kit)
From contract
  • Meta timeline
  • 16 Orders
  • Greatness
  • Rankings
  • Characters
One step past contract
  • Meaning of the Orders
    • AnonCat’s Order framework, weaved with Timshel/Conway’s Order definitions
  • Greatness and what it means for how items can evolve
  • Where items came from
  • Meaning of an “Adventurer”
  • The answers to JNmbrs “Questions”
  • etc
What form does this take?
  • Content on
  • Presentation
  • Wiki or WorldAnvil or Fandom
  • A contract?
  • An actual API?

Phase 2: Canonical set of attributes derived from whatever content gets created from this project
  • Along with the long form, multimedia, narrative content described above, the output of the Genesis Scrolls project should likely include a readable contract with a canonical set of principles and attributes made available to builders/creators to reference.
    • Like a wiki page for each Order that can grow and evolve over time, and is also written on-chain so that it’s usable by developers.
    • i.e. a structured set of metadata like {Order, Dark/Light attunement, Pair order, Single word description, single phrase, single sentence, unique power, etc}
Phase 3: Continued integration
Distributed / Experienced / Organized in a unified place

In the Divine City at and in the choose your own adventure experience

And beyond


  • Produce a set of compelling stories, characters, lore and multimedia content that helps bring the Lootverse to life, and helps give “reference material” to creators and builders.

Key Results

For Open Quill Round 1:

  • 10 short stories

In 6 months:

  • 1 high quality short story from an established author
  • Publish “Genesis Scrolls: the Origins of the Lootverse” — a collaboratively-created compendium of short stories from the Genesis Era of the Lootverse
  • 1 piece of content that gets adapted into a higher fidelity, longer form story or multimedia experience