Weekly Sync 4/1/2022


  • Zoink intro
  • Funding update
  • Update on the Targeted Outreach Program
    • Deck for Writer’s Outreach.
  • Goals
  • Marketing For Open Quill Program
  • Discord For Loot Discord
  • Legal how does funding


  • Public Twitter Space
    • Focus is to talk about the program and give an open forum to ask questions
  • Have submissions be open once we launch

  • ...

Action Items

Timshel to send proposal to Realms
JNmbrs is sending outreach messages.
Timshel will provide comments to the Writer Outreach Deck and get it to a more sharable format.
Conway to develop story seeds and put them in the new notion page.


Open Quill Round 1:

  • 10 short stories

6 months:

  • 1 high quality short story from an established author
  • Publish short story compendium
  • 1 piece of content that gets adapted into a higher fidelity

For every owner of any loot project we send “on-chain stickers” that they can send back to the program and show support. Think WRAB

Explore how our activity affects Loot Price action