Genesis Scrolls Weekly Sync


  • Funding Progress
  • LDK
  • Grant Program Details and Launch
  • Contest/Competition Details and Launch


  • Funding Progress
    • Genesis Project
      • Snapshot in progress
    • DivineDAO
      • Wait 24 hr until Genesis Project proposal passes
        • include the link to the multisig execution
      • Zdarova will submit
        • Adjust to 125k LORDS before submit
    • BibliotechaDAO
      • Timshel will submit proposal
    • LootDAO
      • Loothero will submit proposal to royalty DAO
    • Passing of “the hat” to the rest of the projects
      • This would be for incentives for creators
      • Send link to the Genesis Scrolls multisig wallet
      • Banners
        • curate some banners
  • LDK Lore Development Kit
    • The purpose is to be the structure, suggestions to guide the lore which underpins the content. Not strict rules, but rather a guide to help the content to be more likely to be adopted/accepted
    • Level 0 is the contract
    • Level 1 is where the LDK focus is based. An interpretation of level 0
    • Level 2 is where we are soliciting submissions, which are interpretations/manifestations of Level 1
    • Needs to be a feedback loop between l1 and l2. The LDK should be updated if there are contradictions deemed important to address.
  • LDK Update Process
    • Anyone can submit updates/versions of LDK on GitBook
    • GitBook commits and approval
    • Who approves?
    • Who updates?
  • Grant Program Details and Launch
    • How will we determine who receives grants?
      • Grant Proposal Rubric
    • What are the Grant constraints/freedom?
      • No strings, no catch
        • Except CC0
    • How will we find writers?
      • Marketing
  • Contest/Competition Details and Launch
    • How will we compare submissions
      • Contest Details and Rubric
    • Options of structure
      1. LootDAO retroactive funding
  • Operational structure
    1. 🪶Open Quill Program
    2. Form small teams with defined objectives
    3. Team 1 (outbound grants) -
      • Hunters for writers to give grants to
      • Team
        • Timshel
        • JNmbrs
        • Zdarova
    4. Team 2 (Inbound submissions)
      • Community Creator Submissions
      • 2+ Phases
        • First is scrolls (short stories)
        • Follow up round to have writers produce more long form versions of the initial scrolls
        • Second is art/visual media based on the top submissions from first round
        • Another round? More involved art or additional art?
      • Limit the submissions to one media type.
        • a scroll (Short story)
      • Two Funding sources
        • ETH from Project Treasury
          • Allocation is determined by voting from the communities who contributed
            • LootDAO
            • Biblio/Realms
        • Generate an NFT collection for the Genesis Scrolls Project
          • Auction off NFTS as a way to allocate funds
            • Is there a comparable that we can reference
      • Team
        • Banner
        • Loothero
        • Zdarova
  • Rewards
    • ETH could be all swapped for native assets so that rewards are not just ETH

Open Questions:

  • Idea: Research competitions for prefixes and suffixes
    • Update the LDK

Action Items

JNmbrs will pull together a meeting to move team 1 forward
Banner will create a “one-pager” to describe the Community Creators Competition (copy the Crypts contest)