Comments to Loothero on Quiz

General Comments

  1. Is there a way to see the different sections (i.e. OG loot fundamentals, Genesis Project, Realms) in like a progress bar? Or, better yet, be able to navigate to them versus being stuck in a linear flow? Or maybe just an intro page where it tells the quiz taker how many quizzes there are.
  2. The current setup is that you have to finish all questions in the quiz before you can retake. Can we give the option to “start over” in the middle of the quiz so that if they miss a questions they don’t have to go through and answer all remaining questions in the quiz before they can retake?

Loot Fundamentals

  1. Question #10 has order of Anger listed twice

Genesis Project

  1. The answer choices for question 5 are the same as Loot Fundamentals question 10. Including the duplicate choice “of Anger”.


  1. Question #4 : Dragonhide resource is displayed twice


Ending text should be more clear what is being granted or at least be directed back to Discord.


Here is an example: Thanks [Discord Handle], within a few days you will be granted a new role in the Loot Discord which will allow you to:

  • post in the 🤔┃2-discuss channel
  • see the 📫┃3-submit channel

Looking forward to building with you!