3/02/2022 Weekly Sync


  • Funding Status
  • Open Quill Program
    • Marketing Plan
    • Legal
  • Shared Calendar
  • LDK
  • Grants Program Update


  • Funding Status
    • Genesis Project Funds transfered
  • Open Quill Program
    • Review Open Quill Program Round One Details
      • How do participants submit
        • Submit forum post on LootTalk
    • Marketing Plan
      • When is the go live date for marketing
      • set a meeting with Kevin
    • Legal
      • CC0 Waiver will fill
      • LLC for Open Quill Program
  • LDK
    • Review from the project team
      • Post feedback on the Genesis Scrolls Project
    • Looking for feedback on if there are contradiction or gaps where there could be contradictions
    • LDK quiz as a prerequisite for submitting
      • 4 quizzes
      • This is a helpful tool to check your own understanding
  • Grants Program Update
    • Hugo and Nebula winners as an outreach list
    • Create Email List and will have members of the Project team help.
    • Slide deck
    • Application Page
      • Formal Deliverable
      • Timeframe
      • Compensation
      • Context and Background
  • Marketing Plan
  • Project Calendar

Action Items

Cam will set a meeting with Kevin for Open Quill Program marketing GTM
timshel will create Discord Private Channel for the writers in the Program
Loothero will finish the quizzes
Cam will get a meeting with Conway and Andrew and Loothero to discuss Divine City lore for the LDK and Divine City Quiz
Loothero will work with timshel the Lord of Lord for Realms to get clear on the LDK Canonical Principles to get the Realms Quiz finished
Cam will finish updating the Project Round 1 description
Someone should be thinking about the User Journey for onboarding into the Program
Need a someone to carry the torch of the program forward