2/20/22 Meeting

Meeting Notes

  1. Budget to be split into two parts to fund two differ ent projects:
    1. Up to 3 serialized novels built by community contribution
      1. Contest held every 3 weeks to source new chapter
        1. Contest for the 1st chapter to start by end of March
        2. Plan for there to be 3 finalists for the 1st chapter
      2. Full community vote will decide on winners of challenge for next chapter
      3. Contests to be based on a Loot-item focused LDK
        1. LDK will seek input on canon from core developers from Realms, Divine and Genesis
      4. Unclear how long novel will be; and
    2. A targeted search for professional creatives to produce the content
      1. Project’s deliverables will be (i) a long-form written story with some illustrations and (ii) a trailer for (i) with static art, music and voiceover.
      2. Project will begin sourcing professionals as soon as budget is secured.
      3. Content will be guided by an LDK focused more on the non-items elements of the story
      4. Deliverable is aimed at casual fantasy fans
  2. Loothero and JNmbrs to pitch proposals for (a) and (b), respectively at the 2/22 GSC meeting.