Genesis Scrolls Funding Proposals

Proposal to The Genesis Project DAO: Click here

Proposal to Divine DAO: Proposal Accepted

Proposal to Bibliotheca DAO: DRAFT

Proposal to Loot DAO: DRAFT

Proposal Background: A “public goods” project for Loot — CC0 creative grants for writers & content creators to help bring the Lootverse to life

Spearheaded by the Genesis Project and DivineDAO, with support from Bibliotheca DAO, LootDAO and other Loot projects, this is the first cross-Lootverse coordinated initiative to create high-fidelity content and multimedia.

Through an autonomous steering committee and a budget collected from across the Lootverse, we plan to issue a series of creative grants to writers and content creators to create a mix of high quality content, lore, and stories, beginning with the “Genesis Era” of Loot.

Deliverable: A set of compelling stories and content that help bring the Lootverse to life

Multimedia, multi-format content from the "Genesis Era" of Loot: stories, snippets, scraps, journals, books, a compendium, a bestiary, a book of poems and more. Content that spans fact, fiction, myth, and legend. All CC0.

Bonus: the first “Lore Development Kit” for Loot — an organized set of facts, principles and information to help creatives and builders expand on the lore of the Lootverse.

Proposal: Authorize use of ~100ETH of native Lootverse assets

We are requesting support from the major Lootverse projects to bring this “public goods” project to life. These are grants for CC0 content, which will become a public good for the internet to celebrate and build on top of. We believe that if we work together, we can create value and excitement across the whole ecosystem.


Genesis Project: 50 Genesis Mana (worth ~10ETH) + 20ETH
DivineDAO: 400k $DIVINE (worth ~10ETH) + 20 ETH
LootDAO: 30 ETH
BibliothechaDAO/Realms: 125k $LORDS (worth ~20ETH)

Vote Mechanics:

  • The proposal comprises separate votes by each of the above-listed communities.
  • The votes are independent not conditional; each community’s vote is separate and independent from the rest.

Budget Allocation:

  • 80% of funds will go directly to creators as grants for creating CC0 content
  • 10% will be used to incentivize the steering committee to drive this forward
  • 10% will be used for marketing & any unexpected operational expenses

Separate from the proposal:

  • For projects across the rest of the Lootverse, we’d love to build a collection of native Lootverse assets to use as prizes and rewards for creators: Banners, Explorers, Crypts, Crystals, LootPunks, Rings, and more.
  • For Loot holders and fans of the Lootverse, if you’d like to donate Lootverse assets or ETH to this project, there is no pressure, but that would be heroic.

Lore Background: In a long-forgotten library safeguarded in the Divine City, we’ve discovered a cache of materials from the Genesis Era of Loot, passed down through generations....

  • These “Genesis Scrolls” represent content from the ancient days of the Lootverse. It has been passed down through generations, safeguarded and stashed away.
  • We’ve just opened the doors to a long-forgotten library in the Divine City, and inside we’ve discovered a cache of materials: books, stories, scraps, scrolls, diaries, poems, children’s books, letters, and more.
  • We are not sure what’s fact and what’s fiction, but we know this content comes from the ancient days of the Lootverse, from the “Genesis Era.”
  • Through these compelling stories, we'll begin to discover the rich history of the Lootverse, and along the way, we'll find clues and information about the origin story of our ancestors....and may discover the purpose and meaning of our own adventures that lie ahead.
  • With the Genesis Scrolls, we can begin discover the purpose of the Adventurers, and the nature of our adventures.
  • What are our origin stories? Why are we here? Where did we come from? What is our purpose here in the Lootverse? What kind of Adventurers do we seek? Who are we?


  • This project will be project-managed by a cross-Loot steering committee, coordinated out of DivineDAO as the hub.
  • To avoid paralysis, the steering committee will have autonomy as to how to steer the project, how to issue the grants, and how to distribute the content.


[Sep 2021 - Jan 2022] Plant the seeds of a dream: a unified Lootverse, infinitely-expansive yet still-cohesive, alive with compelling stories.
[Jan 2022] Kickoff Genesis Scrolls project
[Feb 2022] Establish steering committee
[Feb 2022] Design Genesis Scrolls requirements, process, and vision
[Feb 2022] Create alpha version of the Lore Development Kit
[Feb 2022] Secure funding from Lootverse projects
[March 2022] Launch v1 of the Lore Development Kit for Loot
[March 2022] Launch Genesis Scrolls project & invite applications
[March-April 2022] Content created and published
[May 2022 and beyond] Expand the scope beyond the “Genesis Era” (which would likely require a new round of funding for grants)


  • Steering Committee (~5-10 people): Coordination, project management & creative support. Autonomous decision making to steer the project and direct the budget.
    • The multisig that holds the funds will be a 2/5 (5 signers on the multisig, with 2 sigs required for actions)
  • Advisors (5-10 people): Support/encouragement/feedback for creators & helping creators answer questions about the Lootverse
  • Creators (5 core creators + open ended): Putting “pen to paper,” creating the content itself
  • Patrons (anyone in the Lootverse): Support/encouragement/feedback for creators & helping creators answer questions about the Lootverse

The project members come from the below, where community members can go with suggestions or questions:

Representative of
Steering Committee
Project Management
Genesis, Divine
Andrew Gould
[need help!]
[need help!]
Creator ecosystem outreach
LDK support
Lore/Creator ecosystem
Anyone in the Lootverse is welcome