🪶Open Quill Program - Round 1

👋 Welcome to the Open Quill Program! Come join us in developing original CC0 IP bringing the Lootverse to life. We are interested in fiction submissions that build on top of and do not conflict with the Lore Development Kit. Submissions run from March. 21 at 12:00 AM EST to April 10 at 11:59 PM EST


For your submission to be considered you must become a member of the Open Quill Program:

Submission Requirements:

  1. Short Story Title
  2. Your Pseudonym or Name & Date
  3. Your Contact Information (Discord, Social Media, or IRL)
  4. Short Story Submission


Submit forum post on LootTalk add link here for the category

  • Set up a category for Genesis Scrolls Submissions


  • Good Vibes & Creative Energy & Unending Glory in the Lootverse
  • 5 ETH of rewards for CC0 Submissions
  • All creators who submit will receive whitelist rights to future mints from this project*
  • *no promises but if this takes the form of an NFT project the previous participants will be whitelisted

Genesis Scrolls Steering Comittee has been set up with autonomy to shepherd this project into the Lootverse. Some ways that the rewards allocation can work are:

  • Committee discussion and emoji voting
  • Committee curate the best submissions and then submits them to the community for voting
  • Committee hand-picks a voting panel of trusted community members and writers outside of the lootverse.
  • Quadratic voting process from communities

Blurb about how this is an initial version and that future rounds will learn and build off this round


Mar. 21 - 12:00pm EST - Competition Opens

Apr. 10 - 11:59pm EST - Competition Closes

Apr. 1 - 2 - Project Team Prepares Voting Proposals

Apr. 3 - Voting Goes Live On Snapshot

Apr. 8 - Voting Ends

Apr. 8 - 11 Results are verified by Genesis Scrolls Project Team and rewards are published and sent via Genesis Scrolls Team Multisig


Do not include any images.

Do not submit your work if you cannot prove it is original IP and that you created it.

A waiver renouncing all rights to the work in perpetuity must be signed to collect your prize.



The Prize Pool for Round 1 will be allocated in a quadratic voting process. Projects and communities participating in the Genesis Scrolls project will have voting rights weighted in the following amounts:

  • 25% Loot: Voting with loot bags
  • 25% Realms: Voting with Realms
  • 25% Genesis Project: Voting with GAs
  • 25% Divine: Voting with $DIVINE

Lower Limit Allocation Threshold

To prevent a long tail of rewards that are not economical, no individual Submission may recieve < 1% of the Total Reward Pool. Allocations which are less than 1% of the Total Rewards Pool are considered to be below the Lower Limit Allocation Threshold.

All allocations to submissions below the Lower Limit Allocation Threshold will be re-distributed equitably and pro-rata to submissions above the threshold.

The steering committee reserves the right to adjust and update the allocation of Rewards to make sure that we are allocating appropriately.

Unstructured notes from website talk

Genesis Scrolls Round 1:

8ETH - 4-6 weeks

goal: • to bring the lootverse to life with short stories from the genesis era • to provide story foundation to future writers and builders

we are a team

  • we will give each other feedback and critiques

submissions open to anyone


  • do this for the love of the project
  • do it to be

rewards: • good vibes and glory and learning • all qualified content will be included in the genesis scrolls short story compendium • retroactive rewards for the most engaged, high quality writing, at the discretion of the steering committee

we're gonna make the first decentralized fantasy book