Reimbursements for Founder Seed Funding

The Founders seeded the community wallet with ~13 ETH to get this project off the ground, which will be paid back from the Community wallet. These start up costs were for launching contracts, minting Lost Mana before the Community wallet had any ETH, and general gas costs for transactions and trades done on behalf of the community.

.5 ETH - initial funding of community wallet (setting up gnosis, gas, etc)
7 ETH - full funding of community wallet (for gas, minting lost mana, trades/transactions, etc)
-0.015 ETH - transfer of a GM for Holden from a shared team wallet (waist of perfection)
4 ETH - funding to community wallet to stake initial set of GMs for NFTx
2 ETH sent to Treppers for launching contracts (to be paid back to Timshel since they sent in funds to Treppers)
X ETH sent to Treppers wallet #2 for contract deploys
0.2232570802 ETH - creation of 16 Order gnosis wallets
____ ETH - gas to mint 16 lost GMs (not going to reimburse, too hard to find and not enough to matter).
i'm ok to just eat this, too hard to find it
.234 ETH - Mint of $GENESIS tokens, and first transfer