Progressive Decentralization

Phase 1: Voting with $GENESIS tokens + Guides and Founders voting with emojis

  • At first, the Genesis Project will be governed by $GENESIS community tokens held by Historians, Small Council, and Guides.
  • When? Now, though we have not yet needed to do a formal $GENESIS vote
Who? Historians, Small Council, Guides
  • Historians: Founding dev team — Timshel, Holden, Treppers
  • Small Council: Key advisors — GrandMarqui and Huh.eth
  • Guides: Community members who
  • Examples
    • Voting to welcome in new Guides
    • Voting for approvals of new quests, rewards, prizes, and major launches that use the community wallet

Phase 2:
Genesis Adventurers
Genesis Adventurers
Holders (max 2540) along with Guides and Founders voting with emojis to steer parts of the Genesis Project

When: Now, it is already happening

  • Examples of things the community can vote on with GAs even now, if needed:
    • GA Mint Fee changes
    • GA Mint Fee distribution changes
    • ATIME Season extensions

Phase 3: Voting with GAs to steer the community wallet

—> We have arrived here now.

When: After more GAs are resurrected, we can revisit the timing. But along the way, this may start to happen naturally in Phase 2

  • This phase can begin in a progressive way, where some votes can happen through GA voting while some will remain $GENESIS votes and emoji votes