Formal proposal to make Varley a Guide

Why Varley?

In addition to generally being a welcoming and engaging member of the community, there are two recent contributions that stand out: 1/

Intro Video

: The Genesis Project is a complex game with lots of moving pieces. It's hard to get people up to speed. It's even harder to do so concisely and elegantly. Varley's Intro Video is a HUGE step forward in helping us package the story in a way that's easy to understand and easy to share. I believe it's going to be a tremendous asset to us as we continue to try and get more people involved and educated. 2/

Bridge to Blitmap

: Whether helping spread the word to the Blitmap community and getting folks like Bigpapap involved, to uncovering the hidden connection between our two projects, Varley has helped bridge the gap between Genesis and Blitmap. The more we dig into this connection, the bigger of an opportunity there seems to be. Can i get a 5 emojis consensus here to codify Varley in the "Guides" role and issue him the Guides-level number of $GENESIS governance tokens?