describes the governance model for the Genesis Project.

The primary mechanism for steering the project is through voting with the Genesis Adventurers ERC-721. Those who hold GAs are empowered to steer the future direction of the Genesis Project.

Genesis Adventurer NFTs are not claims on the community wallet’s assets, nor are they securities. They are art, first and foremost, with utility across the Lootverse.

The Genesis DAO itself is responsible for voting on future directions and actions taken by the


The goal for the Genesis DAO is


How voting and decision-making happens

Voting Methods

Vote TypeVote MethodMethodDetailsWho
Steering the Genesis Project
Emoji votes in community. 1 person = 1 vote.
GA Holders
Roadmap, direction, new chapters, collaborations, major changes
GA Holders
Significant Uses of the Community Treasury
Snapshot. 1 GA = 1 vote.
GA Holders
Transactions of more than 100 Lost Mana or more than 10 ETH (from the community treasury)
GA Holders
Administrative DAO topics
Discussion and consensus. Emoji vote when needed.
Historians and "Guides"
Adding new team members, small uses of community treasury, small decisions along the way
Founders & HistoriansGuides

For Major Uses of the
Community Treasury
, vote is with GA tokens

  • Significant uses of the ~1,000 Lost Mana held by the community.
    • "Significant use" means more than 100 Lost Mana or 10ETH
    • “Team expansion” decisions are voted on by the Founders/Historians, for now, so that we can keep the project moving. Over time this can be fully decentralized to GA holders.

For Minor Decisions:

Emoji votes among Founders and Core Team for:

  • Proposing and welcoming new team members
  • Non-contentious decisions
  • Smaller prizes and rewards and one-off community engagement activities that involve Lost Mana or other things in the wallet

Voting Members include Historians, the Small Council, and Guides.

You can see the current Members list here:


Voting members can bring new proposals to the Project's attention at any time.

  • Begin in #holders or other channels
  • When ready, work with a Historian to propose in #vote channel
  • If it requires a Snapshot vote, work with the Historians for now to set that up



ProposalDecisionTagsProposed byWhy?Column
New Guide: Nate
Synthetic GAs
ATIME: A Revelation in the Realms
Push Season 2 to 300 GAs
To keep open the window for Realms holders to claim ATIME for longer as a show of good faith
Keep the GA mint fee to 0.25ETH from GA200 to GA 300
Give ourselves time to discuss the go-forward model for what the GA mint fee is + how it is distributed to the Orders and the Community wallet (and another fun idea)